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Stylish Home Accents

Stylish Home Accents to Adorn Your Walls

If you are looking to significantly update a room in your home, it’s important that you don’t just focus on furniture and overlook the other aspects of a room’s décor.  A room’s walls can have quite an impact when they are adorned in a creative way. At our Hackensack, NJ discount furniture store, we have a fantastic collection of home accents that can add style and elegance to the walls in your home.

Wall Art

Paintings and wall art can play a large role in a room’s décor, especially when selected and arranged with care. When you choose to decorate your room with wall art you should first consider what type of art will match the rest of your home décor. Pay close attention to the room’s color scheme and design style and make sure you choose art that will match accordingly. Additionally, you should consider how you will hang your art. Instead of simply hanging each piece of artwork by itself, you can also hang multiple pieces in a unique gallery-style grid.


Mirrors are useful alternatives to wall art because, when arranged creatively, they can actually make a room appear larger than it is. Multiple mirrors grouped together on a wall can add brightness to a room, while a large free-standing mirror will add a unique element of interest. Our furniture store has an assortment of mirrors in a variety of different colors and styles.  

Room dividers

While room dividers are not used as often as mirrors or artwork in terms of decorating a wall, they can make quite a bold and distinctive statement. If you have a bare wall that’s in need of flair or a dose of color, simply place a room divider flush against it.  You can also place two room dividers symmetrically around a fireplace or a mantle. Room dividers are a useful home accent because they deliver a great visual impact without the high price tag of a similarly-sized piece of artwork.

Adora Home can provide you with the wall accents listed above, in addition to clocks, picture frames, and so much more! See our entire collection of home decorations online, or browse our selection in any one of our three New Jersey furniture showrooms